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couple Package

A couple kimono location shoot that will turn your day in Kyoto into an unforgettable memory.
Why don't you and your partner go sightseeing and shooting in Kyoto?
Also recommended for birthdays and anniversaries.

Couples Package
Couples Package
two people
31,900 yen (tax included)
After putting on the kimono of your choice, you will be photographed at tourist attractions appropriate to the season.
A special travel memory for the two of you.
After the photo shoot, please go sightseeing in Kyoto.
 Time required: about 3 hours (Until the end of filming)
Casual Kimono Rental for Two
・Hair set for one person 

・Makeup for one person
・Hair ornament rental 
・Location shooting
・About 40 photos (to be sent by e-mail at a later date)
・Free time for walking
・Kimonos can be returned by 16:30.

※One of the following locations: Yasaka Pagoda, Maruyama Park, Incline, Gion Shirakawa River (9:00 reservation only).


silk kimono


Hakama (polyester)


Change Kimono Type


silk kimono

+  2,750yen

​・formal kimono


​・Formal Kimono Special Selection


long-sleeved kimono



hair and makeup

・Hair set per person 

+  2,200yen

・Makeup per person

+ 3,300yen

bringing one's own clothes


・formal kimono

+  3,300yen


+  3,300yen

・long-sleeved kimono

+  6,600yen

・wedding clothes


・casual kimono

+         0yen



+  3,300yen

・men's kimono

+         0yen

※per person

Additional Shooting Content

30 minutes additional shooting time


60 minutes additional shooting time


・Photographed with companion

+  2,200yen

※Per shot

+  1,650yen~11,000yen

Photo data

・skin resurfacing

+  2,800yen

※Per sheet

Photo Album(postage not included)


Change of return method

・Next day return 

※Bring it to the store in the morning.

+ 1,100yen

・Next day return
※Send by courier in the morning

+ 2,200yen

・Return to Hotel

​※Kyoto hotels only

+  2,200yen

※per person

Couple Photo Gallery
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